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2023 was a milestone year for Quora.

We surpassed 400M monthly unique visitors on the platform, providing our advertisers with vast global reach and a high-intent audience of engaged users.

Quora launched Poe, a chat platform that lets users ask questions and have back-and-forth conversations with AI-powered bots.

We also invested in several improvements to our ads platform. From enhanced targeting options to improved analytics and engagement tools, we are continuously evolving to empower businesses and marketers to connect with their audience on the platform.

Join us as we celebrate a year filled with innovation, insights, and impactful advertising opportunities on Quora.

Quora Ads Manager feature launches in 2023


Auto-targeting is a high-impact feature that can help self-serve advertisers start reaching the right Quora audience as soon as possible. With Auto-targeting, Quora’s machine learning system will automatically determine the best targeting configuration for your goals and optimize for better efficiency and performance over time.

Learn more.

CPA Auto-bidding

We were thrilled to launch one of our advertisers’ most requested features this year: CPA auto-bidding! This bid type uses advanced machine learning modeling to dynamically tune your bid to optimize performance—so you no longer have to worry about making any manual updates. Advertisers running conversion-optimized bidding and meeting certain eligibility requirements have the option to switch their existing ad sets to auto-bidding.

Learn how to get started.

Conversion value passback

We updated the Quora Pixel to pass back values for each conversion, allowing our ranking system to optimize for your ad’s most valuable conversions. This feature is supported both via Quora Pixel and Google Tag Manager.

Learn how to set it up.

More image sizes

Our team broadened the technical requirements to accept a wider range of aspect ratios—anywhere from 4:5 (mobile), 5:4 (desktop), up to 16:9. As long as your image falls within this range, we will automatically pad it to fit a variety of placements on the platform—making it even easier to repurpose existing assets to launch a campaign on Quora.

Learn more.

Account-level keyword exclusions

We launched account-level keyword exclusions as a part of our Brand Safety & Suitability settings to give advertisers more flexibility and control over where their messages are shown on Quora.

Learn more.

Dynamic & static UTMs

Advertisers can set up Dynamic or Static UTMs for extra performance visibility and confidence in their Promoted Answers campaigns. Enter static parameters or choose from six variables to dynamically append all your UTM values.

Learn more.

Answer history retargeting

Use Answer History to retarget users who have read your past Promoted Answers, or any other answers on Quora. This allows you to return to this highly engaged audience with a strong follow-up message to deepen engagement or drive conversions.

Learn more.

New Quora Ads partnerships

Quora for Business launched the Marketing Partner Program!

We were thrilled to launch our Marketing Partner Program designed for advertising agencies and third parties managing Quora Ads accounts on behalf of brands and businesses.

Exclusive benefits include:

  • An official Quora Agency badge
  • A listing on our Quora Partner Marketplace
  • Education and training
  • Exclusive access to co-branded opportunities

Learn more about the program.

New Mobile Measurement Partner: Trackier

Trackier empowers app marketers with cutting-edge mobile attribution tools, enabling precise measurement and optimization of mobile campaigns across a wide spectrum of devices and platforms. Trackier and Quora collaborate to deliver a seamless experience for advertisers looking to optimize their mobile campaigns through efficient tracking, actionable insights, and real-time optimization.

Learn more about Trackier.

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Promoted Answers Playbook

Promoted Answers are Quora’s flagship ad format that lets you boost the distribution of existing Quora answers to reach a larger audience on the platform. This guide outlines their unique benefits, best practices for writing them, and examples of successful Promoted Answers campaigns in action.

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Boost your Promoted Answers performance with Poe

With its advanced language capabilities, Poe reduces the time and resources required to create high-quality content, allowing advertisers to focus on other aspects of their campaigns. We rounded up five ways Poe can improve your Promoted Answers campaigns.

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Video Ads Creative Best Practices

We outline ten best practices—including real client campaign examples—for how to create video ads that resonate with Quora’s high-intent and naturally curious audience.

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Evergreen Trends on Quora: Holidays, Sports, Pop Culture

Conversations on Quora reflect moments in real life. By advertising on Quora, brands can join the conversation and reach high-intent customers in an authentic way. Find out what topics have out audience buzzing year-round.

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Quora Ads Format Specs

This comprehensive guide outlines the sizes, file types, character counts and other specifications for each of our ad formats.

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10 Bots marketers should try on Poe

Are you implementing AI in your marketing strategy? Whether you need creative inspiration or a way to streamline operations, there is likely a bot on Poe that can improve your workflow and performance. We rounded up 10 custom-prompt bots every marketer should try.

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Make Quora a part of your 2024 marketing plan

2023 was a milestone year for the platform, marked by multiple product launches and a growing community of advertisers. Looking ahead to 2024, our team is committed to investing in even greater progress and innovation in the Quora Ads ecosystem. We want to thank all of our clients for their continued partnership, and look forward to growing together in the New Year!



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