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How to prioritize and manage digital advertising tasks




Everyone has their own process for reviewing data, making adjustments, and explaining why they do what they do when it comes to ongoing and recurring digital advertising tasks. Is there an optimal way to prioritize these ongoing tasks? Here’s a little insight into how we manage ad accounts at Quora.

Create a cadence

Organize ongoing tasks and check-ins according to the goals and priorities of each channel. Create a proactive cadence for each task based on those goals to ensure the advertising channel is collecting enough data to make statistically significant decisions. Depending on the level of traffic in each channel, these tasks can be completed weekly (budget adjustments, bid changes, review of search query requests, etc.) to yearly (low clickthrough rate analysis, competitor analysis, etc.).

Here’s a sample cadence to get you started:


  • Review the channel dashboard to determine performance and pacing.
  • Keep tabs on the performance of your new campaigns, adjust your bids, and search for additional optimization opportunities.
  • Review your daily budget and update negative keywords.


  • Review and adjust bids as needed.
  • Analyze ad performance & adjust variations as required.
  • Review of the backend data dashboard. (Tableau, SFDC, etc.)


  • Create and update a detailed monthly report summarizing the previous month’s learnings and planning future goals and campaigns.
  • Review ads and refresh ad copy as needed.
  • Determine whether the targeting strategy needs to be adjusted and if so, make the adjustments.
  • Assess lead quality by reviewing backend data. (Tableau, SFDC, lead scoring, conversion rates, sales team, etc.)
  • Evaluate the performance of landing pages and implement revisions.
  • Add any appropriate exclusions to ad placements.

Bi-Monthly (Every 2 Months)

  • Ensure that audience and exclusion lists are up-to-date.

Bi-Annually (2x/Year)

  • Perform or update competitive analysis.

Prioritize by value ranking

Avoid losing sleep over strategic pivots, last-minute promotions, or shuffled campaigns. Realistically, there are some situations when there is less time than planned to complete ongoing tasks. 

It’s about prioritizing tasks that will increase conversion rates and reduce waste. Learning how to do this for each channel can take time, so ruthlessly prioritize and reprioritize until understanding is gained.

Always consider the task likely to have the most significant impact on the channel when choosing between two or more tasks. The prioritization of value can mean different things for different paid social channels:

  • In one channel, adding new copy variants can make the difference between seeing excellent lead conversion rates and increasing costs due to worn-out ad copy that is no longer converting.
  • For others, reviewing search term reports for new negative keyword trends due to constantly changing pop culture trends.

Managing digital advertising tasks can seem daunting, but by following these steps you can create a system that works for you and your team. By creating a cadence and prioritizing the goals of each channel, you can ensure that your ads are running smoothly and efficiently.

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Anati Zubia
Head of Global Marketing, Quora
Anati (Anna-Tye) is a Phoenix-based brand and revenue growth professional leading Quora's marketing team. When she's not researching the latest marketing and technology trends, you can find her traveling the world.

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