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5 Ways to foster creativity on your team




Creative thinking and creativity are highly valued in many areas: from project management and human resources management, to copywriting and, of course, design. But how do you foster creativity within a team? I want to share five ideas that you can take note of and use when working with your team. 

1. Analyze creative ideas of competitors and companies from other fields 

This broadens your horizons and develops your teamwork skills. Set aside one day a week or a couple of days a month to discuss the creative campaigns of your competitors or other companies, not to copy something, but to see what they did and how they did it. What techniques and tools did they use? Who did they work in partnership with? What goals did they set for themselves?

Brainstorming is great for the team. First, everyone learns to work together and find common ground. Second, it can be called collaborative team-building, where everyone has a common goal and mission. Such meetings help to develop your approach to work and increase your productivity. 

2. Put resources towards professional development and employee development

Training courses, themed events and conferences, professional literature and consulting: all of these should be available to your employees and to you in order to increase your expertise. Trends are constantly changing, new approaches to work in different areas appear and need to be mastered. 

In addition, improving the skills of your employees will raise the level of your company in the market and attract more talent and customers.

3. Hold internal tournaments and competitions for the best creative solution 

There’s nothing like working together to increase your ability to work and bond with your team. So make it a point to hold tournaments between members for the best creative solution or approach. If another company is holding a similar event: join it or organize your own. First, you’ll build and expand connections with colleagues in your field, and second, you’ll improve several skills at once.  

4. Make time for rest and creative thinking 

Amid a deluge of tasks, it can be hard to slow down to learn something new or search for creative inspiration. Allow your employees an hour or two to brainstorm or relax. This allows them to be more productive, and you’ll get fresh ideas. 

You can reset yourself with a walk near the office, yoga, or just a rest. Leave it up to everyone to choose the method they like.

5. Give freedom of thought and a creative, comfortable space to work in 

Don’t control your team to the point where they can’t do their job. Let them make their own decisions, give them the freedom to think creatively, and provide a comfortable environment in which to work. It can be a cozy office with all the necessary technology, or it can be remote work from anywhere in the world. 

Experiment with different approaches and celebrate progress. Don’t forget to encourage employees and develop their creativity.

Photo Credit: Jené Stephaniuk / Unsplash

Julia Voloshchenko
Public Relations Manager, Usetech
Public Relations Specialist at Usetech in IT with 4+ years of experience. With excellent communication and strategy skills, Julia helps technology companies spread their message to major media outlets.

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