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A key to writing strong answers on Quora is choosing questions that have broad appeal but also speak to some of the topics you’ve already written about or have an interest in. This will increase your visibility as an authoritative voice in these areas while allowing your answers to be circulated more widely.

We recommend the following best practices to get the most traction out of your answers.

Best practices for writing a good answer on Quora:

Choose 1-3 questions to answer per week. A steady flow will help you build followers!
Aim to write around 500 word answers—with some shorter answers sprinkled in between longer entries.
Answer questions where you have firsthand experiences, insider stories, thoughtful perspective, professional advice, or actionable takeaways.
Start your answer with a hook, such as a declaration of your credentials and why you’re qualified to answer the question, or an important statistic, takeaway, fun fact, or short anecdote. (Tip: The more people click ‘read more,’ on your answer, the more distribution your answer will get—so make sure your opening lines draw people in, and include an image that will spark curiosity).
Write and narrate your answer in a way that’s helpful to as many people as possible. Sharing knowledge doesn’t mean writing an encyclopedic entry—use your own voice, lean on storytelling, and share your unique perspective to make your knowledge accessible to wide audiences.
Avoid being overly promotional. Links and references to your work are very welcome in your answers, however, the more promotional, the less people are likely to read all the way through.
Bonus Tip: Email me (agomer@quora.com) any answers you are particularly proud of and I can publicize them and share them with our publishing partners. Additionally, our Creator team is more than happy to provide guidance on how to make your answers stronger.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure what to write about, check out our article on Finding Good Questions to Answer on Quora.

Looking for more Creator tips like these? Visit our Creators page for more resources.

Adrienne Gomer
Integrated Marketing Manager
Adrienne has worked with Quora VIP writers for over six years assisting high value Quora writers, enabling their success on the platform. She runs the Quora Expert Spaces in Business, Technology, Education, and Society & Culture and manages Quora’s publishing relationships with Forbes and Apple News. Adrienne also contributes to the official Quora social accounts to highlight new and popular Quora creators.

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