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Content marketing trends to watch in 2024




To keep your business and content strategy relevant and competitive, it’s critical to follow the changes and tech innovations in marketing. Without embracing new techniques, companies will struggle among their peers. In addition, testing new strategies allows you to expand your reach and attract new customers.

Here are some of the top content trends to watch and try in 2024.

The rapid development of AI 

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and 2024 promises to be a landmark year for such innovations. McKinsey Global Institute’s projections of a potential $4.4 trillion annual increase in corporate profits thanks to AI underscore its strategic importance. More and more companies are beginning to actively integrate generative AI into everyday applications. In addition, AI can help you optimize and enhance your content, making it more original. And the capabilities of generative AI can help your experts prepare content.

“The field of Artificial Intelligence will remain relevant. It is expected that AI implementation will begin to have a significant impact on business processes, changing the approach to automation and increasing business efficiency,” notes Sergey Alexandrov, IT consultant at Usetech.

Tools like chatbots, predictive analytics and voice search will also be in demand in marketing this year. Many companies have long been using chatbots to improve customer experience, and predictive analytics is helping businesses make the right decisions. As Sergey points out, many clients come with requests to develop AI solutions and use Data Science or Big Data in their business.

Large language models (LLM) for content

According to TechTarget, LLMs are a type of AI algorithm that uses deep learning techniques and massively large data sets to understand, summarize, generate and predict new content.

Flexibility and the ability to perform completely different tasks are among the advantages of LLMs. They can have a strong impact on content creation. One of the experts, Ellen Lichtenstein, senior content specialist, AgentSync, writes about the use of LLMs and predictions in an article for the Content Marketing Institute.

“Large companies have either already created and presented their LLM model or are planning to do so this year. At the same time, the areas of LLM implementation have already expanded quite a bit. Companies are trying to implement LLM in support chatbots, and there are also successful cases of implementation for generating answers to legal questions. A very good contextual search engine can be organized on the basis of LLM,” notes Ilya Smirnov, head of the AI/ML department at Usetech.

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Personalize content and get closer to your audience

To get closer to their audiences, brands and influencers need to rethink the way they create and publish content. The first step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitors, market and audience:

  • What types of content are your competitors publishing and how frequently?
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Which communication channels do they use?
  • Where do they get their news? 
  • How are they accustomed to receiving content?

Personalized newsletters and posts, profile-based community conversations, audience outreach in comments, audience interaction and engaging posts will all be in demand in 2024. A brand that remembers its consumers is much more memorable.

In addition, live meetings, live events, and master classes (if applicable to your type of business) will allow you to take communication with your audience to the next level.

Podcasts and owned media take a new step forward

Podcasts are a type of content often underutilized by businesses, despite being more personalized and targeted. According to Exploding Topics, the podcast industry is growing and changing, and about 62% of listeners consider new products and services after hearing about them through podcast advertising.

Participating in a podcast, or creating your own podcast and inviting influencers in your industry to record it, is a great way to expand your market presence and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Much has been written about the benefits of owned media. For example, I previously wrote an article about 5 reasons your business needs a blog. One of the main reasons is the opportunity to showcase your expertise and that of your employees, as well as develop your company’s brand.

Source: Jonathan Velasquez | Unsplash

Personal stories and interviews to attract audiences

Content in the form of stories (short publications, article recommendations, video interviews, etc.) often attracts the right audience because of its authenticity. Many people like to read other people’s stories and take advice for themselves.

AR or VR in marketing and PR campaigns

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offer immersive experiences that can significantly boost engagement and create memorable brand interactions. These technologies help to make campaigns more original and stand out from the competition, as well as take audience interaction to a new level. In addition to campaigns, AR or VR technologies can be used to promote products and services, with features such as virtual try-ons and interactive demos.

UGC and building community

The role of user-generated content (UGC) in a brand’s overall content strategy cannot be underestimated. UGC can come in many different formats, all of which can further distribute your brand’s message and demonstrate audience loyalty. And building profile communities and engaging with audiences within them can help you find brand ambassadors and expand your market presence.

Of course, these are not the only trends of this year. The marketing sphere is evolving, with changes in some of these technologies happening almost daily: something comes in, and something becomes irrelevant. But knowing some of the trends will help you and your business stay competitive and make informed decisions.

Header Photo Credit:  Nick Morrison | Unsplash

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