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Many people have already shared knowledge in the form of a blog post, either on their personal blog or on a network like LinkedIn or Medium. Very often, blog posts, with slight adjustments, could be repurposed as great Quora answers. 

Quora is a great place to share your knowledge with everybody in the world who could benefit from it.  If your company has a content team or blog, you can convert your most successful posts into Quora answers by following these steps.

Choose what to post.

What makes a good answer on Quora? Check out our blog post on best practices for writing good answers on Quora. With these insights in mind, you can evaluate your existing blog posts to see which would be the best for cross-posting. Many blog posts only need minor, if any, tweaks to be great on Quora!

Choose who should post. 

On Quora, you can post from an individual’s personal account or from a company account. For businesses writing on Quora from an individual account, the person could be a company leader, an industry influencer, or a brand evangelist. When posting, you will be able to add a credential to display next to your name to make it clear that you are representing the position of a company. This is helpful both to comply with FTC disclosure guidance, as well as linking to your company when the answer is seen across all channels. Posts from a company account are appropriate when responses need to be official and need to clearly represent the brand of the company. (Examples: IBM Security & Keck Medicine of USC)

Pro-Tip: Read our blog on best practices for creating a Quora Business Profile.

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Find the right question to answer. 

Many questions exist on Quora already. It’s likely that the right question for your post already exists on the site. Sharing your blog post as an answer to a Quora question, rather than a Quora blog post, is preferable in most cases, since questions already have a following and are more easily discoverable by search engines.

A few things to try: Go to your “Ask or Search Quora” field on the top of your page and type in a few test words. If your query does bring up a question that matches what you want, then you can skip the next step and move to adding your answer!

Check out our blog post for more tips for finding good questions to answer on Quora.

Add your own question. 

Sometimes, a question your blog could answer doesn’t already exist in the system, so you might need to add a question where you can post your answer. This is completely acceptable and even encouraged on Quora. To do that, you’d simply type in the full question in the “Ask or Search Quora” field, and then, assuming you don’t see it in existence already, click “Submit Question”. This will create the question page for you and will bring you to it to post an answer. At that point, you should go ahead to the next step.

Add your answer. 

Now it’s time to showcase your expertise. The best Quora answers are authentic and answer the question asked. Friendly, more casual tones tend to perform better even when coming from a Business Profile, so don’t be afraid to show some personality! Cite sources where necessary, use block quotes and citations for any paragraphs copied-and-pasted from your website, and avoid hyperlinking your business when it is not relevant. Readers should not need to leave Quora to get the answer to their question. Voila! You’re ready to go!

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