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We’re approaching India’s Republic Day – a commemoration of the enactment of the constitution of India on January 26, 1950 – which will witness the spectacular annual parade from Rajpath to the India Gate.

Over 100 million monthly unique visitors in India come to Quora to gain knowledge, share stories, and find communities—and they love to talk about things that make them proud. Here’s a look at some of the top questions Quora users are asking and answering about Republic Day in India.

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Hot topics

The Constitution of India


Parliament of India


National Flag of India (Tiranga)


Republic Day (India)


When it comes to Republic Day in India Quora users…

Seek Context

They want to understand what they are celebrating and the significance of the event.

Want to participate

They want to know how they can join the celebration on India’s Republic Day.

Engage over Republic Day

They discuss various personal and public themes related to Republic Day in India.

A great opportunity to share and learn

India’s Republic Day is a significant event that brings together people of all backgrounds to commemorate the country’s democracy. It is a time for reflection on the nation’s history and aspirations for the future.

On Quora, users contribute to conversations related to Indian culture, traditions, historical events, and current issues through expert opinions and diverse perspectives. Find your community by participating in discussions on Quora.

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