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Engage with shoppers seeking deals and discounts during Republic Day sales



As Republic Day (India) approaches, shoppers in India are on the lookout for the best deals and discounts, especially in categories like electronics, fashion, and home goods. Advertising on Quora during this period can be particularly effective, given the platform’s knowledge-seeking user base. Here’s how to tailor your Quora Ads strategy to tap into the Republic Day 2024 sale trends and engage shoppers effectively.

Republic Day sale trends for 2024

As the Republic Day sale approaches there is a significant surge in online shopping, with a notable increase in the topics related to mobile phones, laptops, and Smart TVs. 

Consumers are leaning towards e-commerce platforms that offer competitive prices, combo deals, and additional benefits like extended warranties or easy EMI options. Advertisers can take advantage of these trends by targeting the right topics on Quora and aligning their campaigns with what consumers are actively searching for.

Content views on phones and fashion see a spike as Republic Day sales start. Online shopping and e-commerce also see a steady growth in views close to the Republic Day.

Republic Day Sale advertising on Quora

We’ve rounded up a few key strategies for marketers to capitalize on the buzz of Republic Day sales.

Leverage the spike in shopping questions

Focus on topics and questions that are trending during the Republic Day sales period. There is a major increase in questions related to phones and laptops, home appliances, and clothing and fashion during the Republic Day Sales period. By targeting these trending topics, you can reach users who are already interested in these categories and are more likely to convert.

Quora topics with a high growth in questions during Republic Day


Men's Fashion and Style


Washing Machines


E-Commerce in India


Gaming Laptops


Fashion and Style




Clothing and Apparel


Kitchen Appliances

Use a multi-touchpoint approach

Combine your Quora Ads with answers from your brand’s official Quora account. Provide valuable insights and advice on shopping-related questions, subtly integrating your Republic Day promotions into your responses.

Create anticipation with pre-sale engagement

Start your Quora campaigns early to generate buzz around your Republic Day offers. Engage with users on related questions and topics to lead up to your sale. Use this as an opportunity to educate users about your products and the advantages of shopping with you during the sale.

Highlight exclusive offers

Quora ads that showcase exclusive Republic Day deals, such as coupon codes or early-bird specials for Quora users, can increase the perceived value of your offers and encourage users to take action.

Popular Republic Day Sale shopping related questions on Quora

By targeting ads to these and similar questions, advertisers can connect directly with consumers who are in the decision-making phase of their purchase journey.

Fine-tuning your strategy

Take your Quora Ads to the next level with these tips.

  • Opt for visual storytelling: Use engaging graphics or short videos in your ads that depict the spirit of Republic Day and highlight your sale.
  • Include relevant keywords: Include seasonal keywords like “Coupons,” “Deals and Promotions,” or “Discounts” in your ad copy to capture interest.
  • Focus on special features: Emphasize any unique selling points, such as free shipping, extended return policies, or gift wrapping services that you may offer as part of the Republic Day promotions.
  • Share customer testimonials: Incorporate positive customer reviews and testimonials in your ads to build credibility and trust.

Republic Day sales are a significant event in the Indian retail calendar, and Quora provides a unique platform to engage with potential customers. Advertisers should focus on understanding the needs and behaviors of Quora’s users, delivering value through quality content and leveraging the platform’s targeting capabilities to ensure their Republic Day campaigns are successful. With the right approach, you can convert the platform’s knowledgeable audience into loyal customers for your brand.

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