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Home sweet home

From home ownership to appliance purchases, more users globally have been reading housing-related content in the last three years. This highlights the increased reliability on the internet at every stage of the home buying process.

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Updated February 2022




What does this mean for brands in the housing industry? Now is a perfect time to engage with potential buyers on Quora. 40% of Quora users in India own at least one property, giving your business the opportunity to reach prospective and existing home owners on the platform.

Financing for the future

Beyond owning property to live in, Quora users in India recognize the investment opportunities present in owning real estate, being 44% more likely to invest in real estate or properties other than the house they live in.
But whether it is their second property, or their first, cost is top of mind for many. However, as buyers become increasingly tech savvy, one popular tool has become more prominent: the internet.
Quora users in India are 33% more likely to use real estate or renting websites. But it does not stop there. In addition to finding properties, individuals are actively using the internet to research the responsibilities that come afterwards. In the past year, topics like Home Loan, Mortgages, and Real Estate Financing received between 170-650+% more incremental views. 

Brands in the home financing industry can take this as an opportunity to connect with a market ready to invest or purchase their first property.

Improving home livability

The homeownership journey doesn’t end once financing is complete and escrow closes. Quora users in India ask many questions and solicit recommendations from fellow users to make their property a true home to live in.
For instance, 74% of Quora users are planning to purchase an air conditioning unit in order to keep cool year-round. To bring peace of mind in caring for their family, Quora users in India are also 29% more likely to own smart security products.
Our users are 23% more likely to talk about home appliances online, and for many Quora is a go-to platform to get questions answered. Today, brands can join the conversation and influences decisions by answering consumers’ most pressing questions.

Using Quora to influence decisions

Whether it is their first or second investment, the costs of ownership are top of mind for many as users explore how to best approach property investment. Many of Quora’s most viewed housing questions in 2021 were related to home financing, with specific questions ranging from home loans to renovations.

Popular Housing Questions in India

With Quora questions for every stage of the homeownership process, home financing brands like Hometap used this to their advantage. After recognizing the demand for quality education, the Hometap team started answering questions about their industry and delivering them through Promoted Answers. The results? CPAs that were 25-30% lower than their average costs on other digital channels.

For us, we often have to provide people with some more information and education before they feel comfortable converting on our site and entering our funnel. That’s why I think it’s a good match with Quora. It’s a natural fit that we can do a little bit of education on the platform and then get people onto our site, where they can learn more.

Rachel Keohan

Rachel Keohan

Head of Marketing