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How to use data to improve your content




It’s no secret that Big Data and Data Science has remained one of the leading technologies for several years. And it’s no wonder: according to Exploding Topics, 3.5 quintillion bytes of data was created every day in 2023.

Data services are quite popular among various sectors such as Retail, Fintech, Gas & Oil. Sergei Alexandrov, IT Solutions Consultant at Usetech, notes that clients come for data consulting services, as well as visualization and analytics, which can be strong levers in driving informed business decisions.

Companies large and small around the world have come to appreciate the business benefits of data. First, it enables new opportunities and data-driven decision-making, and second, it enables new patterns to be explored. Additionally, data helps analyze audiences and the platforms they use. Many marketers have long discovered the use of data in strategizing and launching a product into a new market. 

But how should marketers use data in content development improvement?

Gain a broader and deeper understanding of your audience

Collecting and analyzing data about users and their actions helps to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of behaviors, needs, and preferences. And based on this data, content marketers can create an effective content plan that meets users’ needs.

For example, the data may tell you that users are most likely to visit a particular page on a website with specific information. Let’s say, “How do you develop a marketing strategy?” Focus: Break down your content plan and look at the topic from multiple angles.

How to improve content with data

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Data-driven stories get more attention

There are many data collection and analysis tools available to companies today, so why not use them? Data can be turned into a variety of stories that will disseminate your content:

  • Reports 
  • Surveys
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts 

First-party data based on your audience analysis or the usage of your product/platform will likely gain more attention than a regular article, especially if you’re able to tell a story with it. It’s also a great chance to attract new customers, strengthen your market position, and get picked up by other media. This data can be visualized and converted into infographics or presentations to send out to your customers, making your content more memorable.

Using data is an opportunity to personalize your content and make it highly targeted

Collecting and analyzing data allows you to draw conclusions about who your audience is. What segments are they divided into? What platforms do they use? What is their average age? Some companies use data to create a customer profile. And all of this data, in the end, helps content managers create personalized content that covers the needs of all audiences.

Combine data with AI to optimize business processes 

Everyone knows about the use of AI in marketing and its help in automating routine tasks. But the combination of Big Data, AI and Data Science — provides an amazing collaboration for business process growth. AI also helps in data processing, which can speed up the process.

How to improve content with data

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Data presents a great opportunity for businesses, and as analysts predict increased use of Big Data and Data Science technologies this year, don’t miss this chance.

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