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Winnie Customer Data

About Winnie
Winnie is a marketplace for child care built on powerful data systems and backed by a trusted community of parents and providers. Parents use Winnie to discover high-quality local daycares and preschools and learn all about their programs including detailed descriptions, photos, tuition information, licensing status, availability data and more. Child care providers use Winnie to fill their open spaces, build their wait lists, and get support and resources to run their business efficiently.




Their Goal

Acquire readers & contributors

Winnie provides inspiration and insight for modern parents through community generated content, which makes contributors critical to the platform's success. Anne Halsall, Winnie's co-founder, believed Quora’s engaged community and contextual targeting capabilities would efficiently attract both readers and contributors to Winnie.
As a product in the parenting space, we were very happy with the number of impressions our ads generate in highly targeted topics. Even better, the knowledge seekers on Quora turned out to be extremely high-quality leads.
Anne Halsall

Anne Halsall

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer


Their Solution

A complete paid & content strategy

Winnie used Quora ads to target people who are likely parents. By placing ads on topics like “Parenting,” Winnie could reach its target audience. The team also answered questions that linked back to Winnie, which created an evergreen source of leads.
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Their Creative

Relevant and timely answers

Utilizing contextual targeting capabilities, Winnie created and shared content that would appeal to both readers and contributors within Quora's engaged community.

Their Advice

Be helpful, not overly-promotional

Winnie’s approach on Quora is to truly be a helpful advisor to the community. Quora posts are sometimes syndicated by other widely read publications, which has driven additional brand awareness and traffic to Winnie.

Their Results

Highly-engaged users

Quora Ads yielded the highest conversion rates among all of Winnie’s paid advertising channels. Nearly 10% of people who click a Quora ad sign up for Winnie – a 4-5x increase over other channels*. Winnie users from Quora are also far more likely to become content producers than leads from any other channel.
Our conversion rate was 4-5 times higher than what we saw on other platforms. There’s something really unique about the audience on Quora.
Anne Halsall

Anne Halsall

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

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