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University of Chicago

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Quora Internal Data

more information requests

Quora Internal Data

About University of Chicago
University of Chicago’s mission is to create pathways for people who see education as fundamental to the pursuit of professional growth. We develop innovative learning approaches that meet student and company needs while upholding the University of Chicago’s distinct brand of academic excellence.




Their Goal

Engage & drive interest

The University of Chicago Professional Education connects UChicago's intellectual resources and rigorous approach to scholarship to students seeking to develop and grow professionally, intellectually, and personally. To assist with their marketing efforts, UChicago Professional Education turned to Hanapin Marketing, an industry-leading digital marketing agency, to increase their student enrollment by finding and executing new opportunities.
The Quora Lead Generation Form campaigns generated five times as many requests for information compared to Facebook lead generation campaigns at a 63% lower CPL.
Tanner Schroeder

Tanner Schroeder

Senior Account Manager


Their Solution

Targeting the perfect audience

With spring application deadlines approaching, UChicago was eager to reach and engage prospective students and drive more information requests for their master of science degrees. The Hanapin team quickly identified Quora as a place to reach an educated audience and to promote UChicago programs when target audience segments are actively seeking information.
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Their Creative

Native Lead Gen Forms drive results

The Hanapin team utilized Quora’s Lead Gen Forms to instantly acquire high-intent prospects and drive them to complete a valuable action. Lead Gen Forms' native signup flow lets users securely share their contact information without the hassle of leaving Quora. So prospects instantly get the information they want and UChicago engages new, qualified leads.

Their Results

High quality leads at lower costs

Hanapin recognized that their regional geotargeting and niche audiences would limit ad delivery. However, the team was pleasantly surprised to find they had underestimated Quora’s potential. UChicago received 5x more information requests, with CPLS being 63% lower compared to Facebook. The University of Chicago is looking to increase their efforts with Quora Ads to drive results for other programs. Hanapin is also thrilled with their experience. They recommend Quora Ads to other lead gen marketers looking for effective targeting and efficient pricing to meet their goals.
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