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Quora Internal Data

About Studocu
Studocu is an online community where students can share study resources and answer each other's study-related questions.




Their Goal

Position Studocu as a unique solution for students

Studocu is an online platform that enables students to exchange study documents with one another and strive for better grades together. Currently over 22 million students use Studocu to exchange more than 12 million resources and study. Students can rate documents based on their content quality and the platform has a reward system for students to use the platform. Studocu’s goal for this program was to position itself as a unique solution for students who need quality study materials from others in their institution, as well as a reward system for those who use the platform.
Having the ability to target ads at the most granular level, combined with [Quora's] self-learning algorithm, made our reach not only sky-high, but also at the center of our target audience. The core audience of Quora has a perfect overlap with Studocu's users which made Quora the natural channel to use.
Martine Peeters

Martine Peeters

Marketing & Communications Manager

Studocu |

Their Solution

Create a top-of-the-funnel strategy to reach university students

Studocu took the opportunity to create a top-of-the-funnel strategy that would address university students according to their interests and topics of conversation. The team prioritized students of certain universities and targeted desktop users, as those devices would be most likely used to study and share documents. StuDocu made use of both Image Ads and Promoted Answers from their Business Profile to reach these target segments.
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Their Creative

Leveraged Quora to demonstrate brand’s expertise

The Studocu team was in search of alternatives to their existing advertising channels to communicate with students. Their Image Ads served as a straightforward call-to-action for students who had already identified a need for study materials or were looking for ways to get rewarded while studying. Meanwhile, the brand’s Promoted Answers took a more informational approach, targeting students who were looking to improve their studying methods, as well as those seeking additional resources. These answers not only explained the Studocu platform but also demonstrated the brand’s expertise in the area.

Their Results

Raised brand awareness

Studocu’s Image Ads and Promoted Answers campaign earned over 7 million content views on its Business Profile, successfully raising brand awareness and positioning itself among a community of academicians and students. By optimizing ads according to Quora best practices, Studocu achieved a 7x higher CTR and an 88% decrease in CPCs over the course of the campaign*. *Metrics reflect Quora Ads performance improvements between Sep 2021 and Feb 2022
We see a blue ocean of opportunities to collaborate further with Quora's team to help students excel in their studies and find all the resources they need to do so.
Martine Peeters

Martine Peeters

Marketing & Communications Manager

Studocu |
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