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Developing a full-funnel strategy on Quora by leveraging Quora's high intent audience
improvement in lead quality
compared to previous campaigns

Quora Internal Data

Engaged audience
interested in niche industry topics

Quora Internal Data

About is the world's first patient-centric cancer care management platform where patients get access to world class cancer experts, treatment centres and quality accredited diagnostic centres in India. Onco’s care management team provides end to end support, and helps patients connect with the right oncologists, hospitals and labs for their treatment.




Their Goal

Drive awareness & leads was founded with the sole mission of making high quality healthcare accessible to every single cancer patient in the world. They are changing the status quo by empowering patients with the right information about diagnosis, procedures, risks and outcomes before they decide to undergo treatment. With their mission in mind, Onco’s social media team found an opportunity to go beyond their existing platforms and reach an untapped audience on Quora.
Our decision to join Quora has been a great success by far. Quora was one of the safest options to increase our brand awareness. It helped us gain traction on our website and gain quality leads.
Vinay Shivashankar

Vinay Shivashankar

Vice President of Marketing

Their Solution

An all-in-one funnel

Onco’s team noticed conversations about their brand on Quora, and recognized their existing credibility amongst users. They took the opportunity to develop a full-funnel strategy, starting with brand awareness and education. As their brand reach increased, the team adopted lead generation campaigns to convert users further into the funnel. Leads from this strategy were notably higher quality since they already engaged with Onco’s Quora content.
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Their Creative

Education & function

For brand awareness, Onco promoted answers written from their Business Profile. Their content team and co-founder, Amit Jotwani M.D., also provided in-depth answers to common cancer questions, which invited users to learn more on Onco’s website. Onco also delivered relevant image ads on topics related to health, nutrition, and cancer.

Their Results

High-quality leads

Onco’s Quora ads experienced a 58% improvement in lead quality compared to previous campaigns. According to Vinay Shivashankar, Onco's Vice President of Marketing, "We also saw a jump in traffic to our website coming from Quora. We feel this will be a channel that will be crucial in our efforts to establish Onco as a leading, credible platform helping people in their cancer treatment journey.”
Patients and caregivers spend a lot of time online researching cancer diagnoses and their treatments. We realized Quora is one of the platforms most people visit to get their queries answered, and it could be a channel that helps establish awareness around Onco in the cancer care space.
Vinay Shivashankar

Vinay Shivashankar

Vice President of Marketing
Success comes in all sizes

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