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About Metric Theory
Metric Theory is a performance digital marketing agency with offices in San Francisco, New York City, Denver, Orange County, and Salt Lake City.




Their Goal

Custom growth solutions

When a client approaches Metric Theory, the performance-driven growth marketing agency, they are looking for an effective, customized growth solution. Metric Theory crafts creative digital ad campaigns that fuel new customer acquisition by having the right ad at strategic moments. Due to their extensive experience on a variety of paid platforms, including Quora, the Metric Theory team can help companies unlock exposure to new strategic audience so that they can accelerate their growth. As a result, first-year Metric Theory clients grow 68% on average and the agency has driven over 7 million client conversions in 2018 alone, which can be attributed to their ability to constantly innovate and swiftly iterate.
Quora provides unique opportunities to get in front of a really engaged community of information-seekers.
Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards

Chief Client Officer

Metric Theory

Their Solution

Quora's intersection at search & social

When advertising on Quora, Metric Theory capitalizes on the high intent individuals have when they land on question pages organically through search. They also gauge the popularity of a topic pertaining to their advertiser's industry, drawing upon the more social aspects of Quora.
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Their Creative

Answering relevant questions

By identifying relevant topics and questions, Metric Theory can ensure that their client’s target audience is on Quora and can strategically position their value proposition.

Their Advice

Assess your audience

To determine whether a target audience is spending time on Quora, Metric Theory considers the following: Topic Volume: Quora has a topic for almost anything you can think of. Take a moment to browse topics and "related topics." Picture your value proposition being displayed alongside relevant questions and answers. Topic Followers: At the top of each topic page, Quora displays the number of people that follow that topic. This can be used to gauge baseline interest for your offering. For example, if your product is an employment application and job listing website, you might start by browsing the topics on the left-hand side. Question Quality: The Metric Theory team selects high-value questions that compliment their client's value proposition and have a large quantity of traffic to drive quality conversions.

Their Results

A reliable source of leads

Since Quora is at the intersection of search and social, Metric Theory's clients enjoy a steady stream of high-quality leads from Quora. For example, their client Zenefits obtains customers on Quora for approximately half of the cost of their other paid channels. In the words of Adam Edwards, Metric Theory’s Chief Client Officer, “All of our clients want intent, but presence and relevance are also so important to get to the kind of growth they want. Quora gives us all three at once.”
On other platforms, people are seeking connections, jobs, and entertainment, but the primary reason people go to Quora is to obtain information. For advertisers, that's a really powerful qualifier.
Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards

Chief Client Officer

Metric Theory
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