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Using Quora to reach a high-intent audience in India
High Volume
finance topics

Quora Internal Data

Higher ROI
than other ad platforms

Quora Internal Data

About iProspect
iProspect is the first truly global digital marketing agency, with 4,600+ employees in 94 offices across 56 countries. A trusted partner with an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, iProspect reshapes brand strategies to meet the fast-paced demands of the convergent world with a focus on exceeding the client’s business objectives.




Their Goal

New channels & customer acquisition

iProspect is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow around the world. They create a unique marketing strategy for every client, depending on their needs and goals. DSP Mutual Fund, an India-based investment firm, turned to iProspect to manage a portion of their external communications and acquisition strategies. DSP Mutual Fund underwent a rebrand and was looking for new channels to reach potential customers.
Our click-through rate is far better on Quora than any other social platform and the leads that land on our page have a high potential to be converted.
Rakesh Mittapelly

Rakesh Mittapelly

Paid Media Strategist


Their Solution

A hyper-targeted ad strategy

iProspect noticed the high volume of traffic flowing to finance-related topic and question pages on Quora. The team took advantage of this high-intent audience to socialize the value proposition of DSP Mutual Fund. To do so, they targeted topics and questions they thought DSP Mutual Fund's potential customers would be interested in.
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Their Creative

The right message at the right time

Quora ads blend seamlessly into the natural flow of the site and are available in text and image formats. After identifying content that resonated with DSP Mutual Fund's customers, the iProspect team delivered ads with relevant messaging. These ads appeared alongside the high-intent topics and questions the team decided to target.

Their Results

Superior ROI results

The results were strongly-converting campaigns that outperformed the other channels they were using. After advertising on Quora for over a year and a half, iProspect views Quora as the platform that delivered superior ROI compared to other digital mediums.
Quora is a platform with a high-intent and highly-educated audience. Overall, our investment in the platform has yielded strong returns.
Rakesh Mittapelly

Rakesh Mittapelly

Paid Media Strategist

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