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Dual-level engagement with businesses and consumers


CTR ~17%
Higher than platform benchmark


About AMD
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. is an American multinational semiconductor company that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets.




Their Goal

Reaching out to businesses and consumers

AMD India wanted to spread awareness about AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors through campaigns on Quora which targeted businesses as well as direct consumers.
Using Quora as our engagement platform enabled us to speak to high intent audiences, in the business segment as well as end-use customers. We got better results than we were expecting from the campaign.
Piush Sehgl

Piush Sehgl

Marketing Manager


Their Solution

Parallel accounts for dual-level engagement

To speak to two very different categories of target audiences, AMD set up two accounts on Quora—one to engage with commercial users and the other to target consumers. While engaging with these two categories, AMD highlighted the core strengths of its product: productivity, enterprise-grade security, manageability, and reliability. Both accounts used Image Ads extensively on Quora to drive awareness and traffic to the processor category page on AMD’s website. These ads comprised a combination of contextual and behavioral targeting, which focused on core audience groups of SME businesses, IT decision makers, cloud computing, and data centers. AMD also used Video Ads on Quora to deliver higher view rates than a native video platform.
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Their Creative

Tailored visual messaging

Rather than sending out consolidated messages to both categories of users, AMD selected images & videos with catchy taglines for each category. This enabled them to highlight the core strengths of the AMD Ryzen PRO processors, which were significant to each category while engaging with their target audience.

Their Advice

Focused, relevant and effective communication

Speaking uniquely to each target audience category on Quora, with focused visuals that addressed their needs, delivered results. The campaign was able to showcase the USPs of the product, to both categories, in an intuitive yet impactful way.

Their Results

Engaging millions of viewers and driving high-intent traffic to their website

During the campaign, which ran from May 2022 to December 2022, AMD garnered 40M+ impressions and CTR which was ~17% higher than the platform benchmark. As a result of the campaign, there was a significant jump of up to 100% in Time Spent by users clicking the banner and visiting on AMD’s Landing Page.
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