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Amazon Global Selling

Increasing awareness with the help of Promoted Answers
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Quora Internal Data

Higher CTR
than the average for the B2B category on Quora in India

Quora Internal Data

About Amazon Global Selling
Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce exports program that helps Indian sellers and MSMEs — from local stores and multi-city brands to D2C startups and seasoned exporters — take their businesses global by giving them access to 18 global markets across 200+ countries and territories. Amazon Global Selling aims to simplify exports from India by offering easy registration and innovative solutions for compliance, logistics, advertising, and more.




Their Goal

Reach sellers across India to increase awareness

Amazon Global Selling has been educating new and existing exporters about how easy it is to export from India to the world using e-commerce. They joined Quora with the intent of reaching this niche seller/exporter category on our platform and used Promoted Answers to educate their target audience on how they can grow their businesses globally with the help of expert tools, resources, best practices, and solutions offered by Amazon Global Selling.
Their experience with Quora has been positive and resulted in increased awareness about the program among their target audiences. Their two biggest takeaways have been: it is important to be consistent in publishing answers and it helps to create new questions in line with topics being searched to keep answers relevant and accurate.
Team Amazon Global Selling

Team Amazon Global Selling

Their Solution

Address queries of target audience to make exporting easy for sellers

Amazon Global Selling identified the potential of organic Quora discussions to connect with its target audience. Quora offered them access to relevant target audiences in India who are asking questions about exporting from India, global selling, and related topics. By publishing on Quora, the Amazon Global Selling team was able to provide relevant and appropriate information that users in the segment they were seeking.
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Their Creative

Creative answers that influence target audience and drive results

Promoted Answers proved to be a valuable tool for Amazon Global Selling. The authenticity and authority of their answers resulted in a high click-through rate and upvote count. Constant engagement from the brand through their Promoted Answers led to an increase in answer views and a steady rise in follower count, which added to their brand awareness and credibility on Quora.

Their Results

A spike in views and engagement at a low CPC

Amazon Global Selling’s campaign generated a CTR that was two times higher than the average for the B2B category on Quora in India. They saw a 48% improvement in their CTR over the duration of the campaign. With the help of Promoted Answers, their profile gained over 29.4 million content views, and a follower base of over 4,159, leading to a cumulative upvote count of 3,200+ across their answers. *Metrics reflect Quora Ads performance improvements between April 2021 till date.
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