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Travel and Tourism is a trillion-dollar industry that was literally brought to a standstill while the world was bravely fighting the spread of COVID-19. For the better part of two years, we all had no choice but to make sacrifices when it came to traveling. We had to cancel planned trips, postpone honeymoons, uncheck bucket list adventures and worst of all, avoid seeing our families for the holidays. Fast forward to today and traveling has finally had the chance to recover. Some countries still impose specific health restrictions, but for the most part, the world is back open for business.

76.7% of Quora users go on vacation at least once a year

40.6% of Quora users go on an international vacation at least once a year

Tourism and vacation Topics on Quora have a combined 8.7 million followers

There are more than 2M questions and 6.6M answers related to Travel on Quora

Based on Global Web Index Core US Surveys conducted January-June 2022, Internal Quora Data (US)

Promoting a travel destination, whether as an official tourism board or a third-party travel agency, must be done in a way that tells  an emotional story. This is a standard marketing 101 tactic because it encourages the traveler to make decisions based on their true feelings and leaves them more open to accepting the marketing message. It’s all about breaking down the details of the trip into digestible and segmented components—a strategy used to build excitement over multiple touchpoints.   These touchpoints can be categorized under three core themes, each focused on adding context as the traveler makes the journey towards a decision.

1. Showcase the Beauty Before the Specifics

Traveling is an exciting time filled with wonder and heightened expectations. The best way to attract travelers to a specific destination is to appeal to their emotions and sense of wonder by highlighting a destination’s beauty and natural features. If you’re promoting a place known for relaxation, showcase the beaches and crystal clear waters. If you’re promoting somewhere known for extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding, share a video panning over  the mountainous landscape and snowy weather. If you’re promoting a city filled with history and culture, focus on the architecture and major landmarks. The purpose of highlighting a destination’s beauty as the first touchpoint is to help the travelers visualize themselves being there. When it comes to travel, aesthetics are extremely important, so you should strongly consider images or videos to bring your destination to life.

2. Make It Easy to Find Things to Do

Now that the traveler has decided on a destination, their journey is in full swing. Before they feel confident in booking the trip, however, they need to figure out what they’re going to do there, and how long they will stay. This is the touchpoint in which information is often overwhelming and can result in travelers feeling uneasy about their decision. The goal is to present the information in a way that is organized and easily accessible, such as a calendar of events  and a  list of recommended places (restaurants, accommodations, historic sights, local spots) . These pieces will not only serve as  guides while the travelers plan out the rest of the trip, but also help control the narrative by selectively and truthfully highlighting the best things to do. 

3. Let Others Share Their Experiences

Transparency and validation are the final steps to successfully promoting a destination. Like any consumer, we often trust stories, recommendations, and reviews from real people—and this is no different for traveling. Travelers need social proof to feel like they’ve made the right choice with their trip. The best way to give this reassurance is to highlight real and truthful experiences from others. Whether it’s showcasing a testimonial, promoting an expert blogspot, or showing user ratings/reviews, travelers need to feel validated in their decision to book the trip, and this is the touchpoint to do so.

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Internal Quora Data

The world is ready to start traveling again and so are Quora users. In fact, US Quora users are 23% more likely to travel because of an advertisement, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach and engage with users that are ready to take off!

*Based on Global Web Index Core US Surveys conducted January-June 2022. Comparisons are to the average Internet user.
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