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With the holiday season in full swing globally, we at Quora for Business would love to thank our partners for a wonderful 2022 so far. Quora users love to learn about global holiday traditions, including the tradition of Thanksgiving. As millions of Americans travel across the United States this week to visit family and partake in elaborate dinner parties, here are some of the top questions Quora users are asking and answering about Thanksgiving.

The festivities don’t stop with Thanksgiving Day, however: the unofficial “Black Friday” right after Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday shopping frenzy for retailers both big and small. With discount codes at the ready, shoppers eagerly brainstorm what to gift loved ones, as smart brands ensure that these shoppers are considering their products at the top of their minds.





Black Friday


Quora users want to know everything from…

Thanksgiving traditions and etiquette:

Preparing the Thanksgiving turkey (or alternative):

Black Friday tips and tricks:

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