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As marketers flood the digital landscape with content, many are now asking crucial questions: How can we repurpose a single piece of content to get the most mileage across different platforms? How can I reduce time spent on content development? Is there any way to utilize previously written content? This article will outline the many ways you can repurpose your content to maximize impact.

Use pieces of an article as a commentary for other media 

Take individual paragraphs or quotes from a full-length article and submit them as a commentary in a media outlet, tweaking the text beforehand so that it is not exactly the same. This allows you to have ready-made text for urgent media commentary. 

And vice versa: From a small comment, you can write a longer article, fully exploring the topic without getting bogged down by character limits.

Truncate content for social networks

Long-form content can easily be turned into social media posts by formatting them in different ways. This practice allows you to backfill your social media content plan. Use a small snippet of text or pull-quote for social media posts or summarize the main themes in a video.

Here are a few ideas for different social networks:

  • X: Prepare an image and a short comment or attach a link to a post.
  • LinkedIn: Turn an article into a short story in the form of slides (many attach a PDF carousel of slides) or short-form video. 
  • Pinterest: Create an infographic or a colorful, eye-catching image. You can also design your post in this style: add a photo of the speaker and a quote from the article next to it. 
How to improve content with data

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Expand your topic into a theme for an online event

An article you’ve written can easily be turned into a speaking presentation or a webinar that you can deliver within your company or to a wider audience. All you need to do is change the format of the material to make it more audience-friendly and add some color with personal experiences and case studies. For example, you can divide the article into several blocks, highlighting the key points in separate slides. 

This also works the other way around: Based on your presentation at an event, you can prepare a follow-up article recapping the event and adding your own commentary.

Bring data to life through infographics

Data visualization is quite popular nowadays, and is often better perceived by the audience than plain text. If your company does analytical research or writes forecasts about changes in your industry, these studies can be presented in the form of infographics and shared on social networks or special platforms for distributing infographics (such as Pinterest, Cool Infographics, Visual.ly, Infographic Journal), in the form of tables or charts. 

Turn your experience into a formalized case study

If you work with clients, you probably collect portfolios to share on your website or in presentations with clients. But there are a few more ways you can use these case studies to your advantage:

  • Write a detailed article about how you worked on the project (what methodology you chose, what tools you used, how long it took you to work on). Of course, you should always ask for the client’s permission before you hit publish. If they’re not comfortable sharing, be mindful of sensitive information and anonymize any identifiable details.
  • For even greater reach, present the case study at conferences or nominate your clients for awards. 
How to improve content with data

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Working on content is a great opportunity to develop in several directions and optimize it. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize the impact of your content by slicing and distributing it across multiple platforms.

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