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Acquiring new customers with Quora Ads
decrease in CAC

Quora Internal Data

increase in site traffic

Quora Internal Data

About Rev
Rev’s speech-to-text services combine the world’s best A.I. with the fine-tuning of the human ear to transcend the limits of audio. Working alongside 60,000+ freelancers, we continually enhance our best-in-class technology to deliver services with true-to-word accuracy and industry-leading turnaround times — at-scale, at all times, for the best price.




Their Goal

Drive customer acquisition

Rev's mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home. Rev builds platforms for transcription, video captioning, foreign subtitles, and document translation. When it comes to Quora, the team's primary goal is to prospect potential customers.
To me, the biggest benefit is that it’s much more native looking than the other ad types. It’s likely that a lot of people that look at it don’t even realize that it’s an ad.
Ben Barlow

Ben Barlow

Digital Marketing Manager


Their Solution

Be the answer to customers' questions

The Rev team realized Quorans have intent and are looking for a product and service. They chose to utilize Promoted Answers since the ad unit felt more native and less disruptive to users who are browsing on Quora. While Rev experimented with various targeting methods, they found the most success with Keyword and Question Targeting.
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Their Creative

Native & effective Promoted Answers

Promoted Answers enables advertisers to convey their value proposition in a native and engaging format exclusive to Quora. Because Quora’s audience is intent-based, Rev experienced a 102% increase in site traffic. The traffic quality, time on site, and page views from Quora traffic are usually higher than other paid social channels.

Their Advice

Questions matter

When it comes to finding questions to answer, Digital Marketing Manager Ben Barlow recommends “how to’s” or “what is the best” types of questions. That way, your product or service can cement its position as the best choice in your industry. Another added benefit Ben sees with Promoted Answers is that the answers, whether they’re sponsoring them or not, will continue to exist on the platform. “I think it will continue to build out its organic value over time, while providing immediate value now through promotion.”

Their Results

High quality at a lower cost

Rev's Promoted Answers are seeing great results, with customer acquisition costs (CAC) decreasing by 31%. The people that come through Rev’s ads are of high-quality, so Quora continues to be a focus channel.
I think Quora will continue to build out its organic value over time, while providing immediate value now through promotion.
Ben Barlow

Ben Barlow

Digital Marketing Manager

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