Madison World

Provider of media digital and PR agency services for brands on Quora.

Quora Marketing Partner: Madison World

Madison World helps clients achieve their goals in growth and advertising success through a content strategy approach to contextual, audience, behavioral, and broad targeting across the Quora Ads platform. Whether it’s helping clients increase sales, reach out to potential customers, or create brand awareness via Quora, we help brands reach a high-intent audience during the consideration phase of their purchase process.

About Madison World

Founded by advertising legend Sam Balsara in 1988, Madison World is India's largest home-grown communication agency. With over 11 specialized units in Advertising, Business Analytics, Out-of-Home, PR, Mobile, Retail, Sports, Entertainment, and a team of 1000+ communication professionals spread across offices in India, Madison has been creating impactful and remarkable campaigns for its wide range of clients.


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