Connect your Quora Ads to gain true return on ad spend and optimize revenue outcomes.

How Quora works with Attribution

Attribution allows you to maximize ROI and drive more conversions by giving you insights to allocate your Quora Ads spend efficiently. It enables you to map your customers’ entire purchasing journey at a granular level, including what they purchased, how much revenue they generated, and their acquisition costs. Additionally, marketers can create custom attribution models that enable them to track how target audiences behave after interacting with various touchpoints. Using these features together gives you a clearer picture of where and how your marketing dollars are being spent.

  • Auto Ad Tracking: In one simple dashboard, you can see the cost of Quora campaigns, visits, conversions, and revenue. Reporting on your Quora campaigns has never been easier.
  • Detailed Auto-tagging: Attribution auto-tagging lets you easily append Quora ads to your URLs and track ad spend, ROAS, and other granular data without creating UTM variables.
  • Optimize Return on Ad Spend: You can compare your marketing mix quickly by using attribution to know how ads from Quora and other channels impact revenue at every touchpoint along your buyer’s journey.

About Attribution

Attribution is the advanced multi-touch attribution platform that has the ability to map out the buying journey of customers at a granular level, including what they purchased, the revenue they generated, and their acquisition cost so that you can make the most of your marketing efforts.


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