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Quora has hosted hundreds of business experts and thought leaders since launching in 2009. Today, entrepreneurs, managers, and industry leaders alike continue visiting Quora, making it a premier destination for decision makers.

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Updated December 2021




Purchases start on Quora

Whether your business writes answers on Quora, or uses Quora Ads to deliver targeted ads, you will be reaching a high-value audience in India that is:


more likely to be in management


more likely to be responsible for business purchases


more likely to be managing budgets in their work roles

These users are actively asking questions, seeking advice, and researching products for their businesses. As a result, views on business-related content soared to 100M+ every month since the start of 2021, with popular discussions centering around product recommendations and specific business scenarios.

Most Viewed B2B Questions in 2021

Field professionals and B2B customers are joining these conversations to share their experiences, and businesses are taking note. Brands can leverage Quorans’ search-and-learn headspace to deliver tailored Quora ads, or answer sought after questions about their industry.

Find your niche

23% of Quora users in India are senior decision makers, and their expertise spans across multiple industries. This is evident in the topics that trended over the past year, as well as the types of business purchases Quorans are responsible for.

Likelihood of Quorans overseeing the following purchases


Marketing Services


IT Consulting Services


HR Services

Brands like ESETSanDisk, and Asana recognized the buying potential of Quora’s audience, and leveraged Quora Ads for their B2B initiatives.

One of the main benefits of Quora is that we can target individual questions, interests, and topics that are not available on other channels because they’re super niche. We definitely love Quora for that, because the audience for some of our products is equally niche.

Steven Vande Wydeven

Steven Vande Wydeven

Performance Marketing Lead
ESET North America