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Building a strong industry audience and acquiring new customers at half the cost
lower lead acquisition costs

Quora Internal Data

lower CPCs

Quora Internal Data

About Zenefits
The Zenefits People Platform brings everything HR into one radically simple, single app. Our platform is designed to be comprehensive without being overly complex. It puts benefits, payroll and HR access in the pockets and at the fingertips of employees.




Their Goal

Lead generation & user acquisition

Managing the variety of human resources tools that keep a business up and running can be tedious and time consuming. Zenefits has set out to simplify this process by providing companies with the ability to manage their entire suite of HR services in a single workflow. To assist with their marketing efforts, Zenefits turned to Metric Theory, the performance digital marketing agency, for new breakthrough approaches to lead generation and user acquisition.
Quora has proven to be an excellent addition to Zenefits’ marketing mix. The platform yields similar performance metrics to other paid channels, but for approximately half of the cost.
Trey Buchanan

Trey Buchanan

Senior Account Manager

Metric Theory

Their Solution

Leverage interests & lookalikes

The Metric Theory team recognized the audience of HR decision makers on Quora who were actively seeking a product like Zenefits. To reach these individuals, Zenefits used Interest Targeting to target users who demonstrated interest in HR, small business, or startup-related topics.
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Their Creative

Providing education to interest groups

Once Zenefits established a strong audience with Interest Targeting, they created several similar audiences using Lookalike Audience Targeting and ran Promoted Answers towards those high-intent groups.

Their Advice

Install the Quora Pixel

Zenefits attributed their success to experimentation and installation of the Quora Pixel. To create a Lookalike Audience, the Zenefits team had to install the Quora Pixel and draw from existing audiences that are 3,000 people or more. Trey Buchanan, Senior Account Manager at Metric Theory, shared that he experiments with different lookalike percentages to keep scaling his efforts.

Their Results

Leads at half the cost

Through their partnership, Zenefits and Metric Theory yielded strong results on Quora Ads. CPCs were 50% lower compared to other channels, and Zenefits had a 60% decrease in lead acquisition costs.
Our investment in Quora has exceeded our expectations.
Trey Buchanan

Trey Buchanan

Senior Account Manager

Metric Theory
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