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About Squadhelp
Squadhelp is the world’s leading naming platform with 4.9/5 star ratings from more than 35,000 clients. Voted one of the most innovative fast-growing startups in America by Inc Magazine, Squadhelp is excited to support anyone looking for the perfect name for their startup, product, or other venture.




Their Goal

Acquire new customers

Squadhelp is a cost-effective alternative to a branding agency, where businesses can host competitions to source thousands of creatives across the globe for help determining company names, tag lines, logos, and other marketing assets. As a performance marketing organization, Squadhelp started using Quora several years ago to find new customers at the right CPA.
When testing Promoted Answers, put the time and effort in to make it great. Create a headline people will want to click and an answer that will instill confidence in the reader. It is the gateway between the Quora platform and your website. Make sure it inspires people to want to keep moving!
Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek

Head of Branding


Their Solution

Take time to target the right questions

Through the years Squadhelp has tested and tried all different ad formats, with Promoted Answers proving to be the most productive option, particularly when using Question Targeting. Although manually finding relevant questions does take time, the control that this method allows has paid off. By providing highly relevant and informative answers to individuals looking for a name, Squadhelp has been able to achieve a 254% better cost per acquisition on Quora, compared to other display advertising channels.
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Their Creative

Detailed Promoted Answers that add value for the reader

Squadhelp writes Promoted Answers that truly benefit the reader by staying away from "one size fits all", cookie-cutter responses. Even though it takes much more effort, the team takes time to answer each question with useful, informative content that addresses the specific question and, as a result, has seen much better CTR and overall trust. One of Squadhelp’s most successful Promoted Answers is a ~1000-word, 5-section article to help readers better understand the naming process. The answer closes with a clear call-to-action featuring Squadhelp’s two main naming products.

Their Advice

Test and iterate

Quora Ads Manager allows for many different targeting options from placement to contextual to re-marketing—and there are many ad formats. Squadhelp found success by trying many different options to see what worked best, and always reviewing the data carefully. Once they achieved an initial volume of conversions, the team was able to hone spend for optimized results.

Their Results

Strong CPAs and a steady stream of customers

Squadhelp has been happy with the results they’ve seen on Quora and say it has stood out within the brand’s marketing mix as its most consistent and cost-effective display marketing channel—providing some of the strongest CPAs. Squadhelp has been very happy with the quality of visitors coming from Quora and the precise targeting options that have enabled a continual stream of new customers.
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