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Targeting on Quora Ads

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Quora Ads offers ten targeting options, giving brands the ability to connect with customers in the right place at the right time.

contextual targeting

Topic Targeting: Position ads alongside questions and feeds tagged with specific topics.

Keyword Targeting: Deliver ads next to questions that include your keywords.

Question Targeting: Place ads on specific questions and serve tailored messages to a hyper-targeted audience.

contextual targeting

Website Traffic Targeting: Reconnect with customers who visit Quora after visiting your website.

List Match Targeting: Make the most from your email list; target leads, exclude existing customers, or build Lookalikes.

Lookalike Targeting: Scale your existing audiences by finding users similar to your website visitors or email lists.

contextual targeting

Interest Targeting: Deliver ads to users who engaged with specific content on Quora.

Keyword History Targeting: Send your message to users who read questions with your specified keywords.

Question History Targeting: “Follow up” with potential customers by delivering ads to users who read specific questions about your products, industry, or competitors.

contextual targeting  

Broad Targeting: Deliver ads to the largest possible audience on Quora.

Auto-targeting: Quora’s machine learning system will automatically determine the best targeting configuration to optimize for efficiency and performance over time.

You can also add the following Secondary Targeting filters:

  • Location
  • Platform & Browser
  • Gender
  • Email Targeting
  • Exclusions (Question & Audience)

Which targeting type should I choose?

There is no “one-size fits all” strategy with Quora Ads. We encourage businesses to utilize two or more targeting methods for a balance of contextual, behavioral, and audience targeting. Whenever possible, test each targeting type or retest them with different groups of topics, interests, or keywords.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend the following combinations:

If your goal is traffic:

  • Broad Targeting will deliver ads across Quora and will give you the most scale.
  • Interest Targeting can obtain broader reach while showing ads in front of users interested in their products, services, or industry.
  • Topic Targeting balances broad scale and reach while maintaining contextual relevance.

If your goal is conversions:

  • Question Targeting allows for hyper-targeted messaging. While these pages are high-intent, scale is limited so use it with another targeting type.
  • Keyword Targeting can be used to target questions in bulk based on keywords used in the questions.
  • Topic Targeting is a good indicator of relevancy and intent on our platform, so it can add additional volume.
  • Building a Lookalike Audience from a List Match Audience enables you to scale campaigns to users that are similar to a list of customers, leads, or subscribers. Create audiences at 1%, 5%, and 10% to compare volume.

If your goal is awareness:

  • Website Traffic Targeting is key to delivering ads to users who previously visited all, or specific, pages of your website.
  • Interest Targeting will allow you to retarget users who previously engaged with specific topics.
  • Question History Targeting and Keyword History Targeting can repurpose lists of questions and keywords to deliver ads to users who previously read high-intent content on Quora.

This blog post is a chapter from our Marketing on Quora Playbook. Read on to the next chapter, Bidding on Quora Ads.

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