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New efficiency tools on Quora Ads

Updated April 19, 2022



We understand that time is of the essence, both for you and your business. That is why the Quora Ads team is always looking for ways to improve your campaign management experience in the Quora Ads Manager.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of two highly-requested features that aim to boost advertisers’ productivity: the Ads Manager search bar and bulk targeting editing.

Ads Manager Search Bar

Locating specific ads or ad sets can be time consuming, especially for teams with robust Quora Ads campaigns. With the new search bar, you can easily navigate to different campaign levels from anywhere in your Ads Manager.

The search bar can be used to locate campaigns, ad sets, and ads based on their names. Clicking on a result takes you directly to the corresponding sub-level’s performance dashboard. This makes viewing your assets, assessing their performance, and editing sub-levels faster and more convenient.

In addition to filtering through your assets, the Ads Manager search bar also specifies which sub-levels are “Active” or “Inactive” in your account.

Bulk Targeting Editing

Historically, if advertisers wished to update their campaign’s secondary targeting, individual ad sets had to be edited manually. Now, with bulk targeting editing, multiple ad sets in a campaign can be edited all at once.

To use this feature, simply navigate to your campaign’s performance dashboard, select two or more ad sets, and click “Edit Targeting.” You will be able to simultaneously edit the secondary targeting of your selected ad sets. This is ideal if you want all ad sets to have matching secondary targeting, or if you want to optimize select ad sets without navigating away from your performance dashboard. You can also exclude an audience (ex. “Existing Customers”) from your campaign’s ad sets.

For instructions to use this tool, visit How do I bulk edit ad sets? in the Quora Ads Help Center.

Next Steps

Visit your Quora Ads Manager to try these tools on your campaigns, or visit our Help Center for additional tips. If you have questions about these features, or your account, contact our Ad Support Team here.


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