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Your holiday checklist for success on Quora

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Planning your holiday ad campaigns? Save this checklist to make sure they stay on track throughout the holiday season.


Launch awareness campaigns with Image and/or Text Ads for brand visibility
Decide your goals and where you want to drive users on your site
Brainstorm ad ideas and potential questions for a Promoted Answers campaign
Prioritize your budget


Write your Promoted Answers
Create a backlog of 2-3 pieces of creative to refresh on your Image Ads
Write copy alternatives to run tests and optimize throughout the season


Launch conversion campaigns to reach mid- to bottom-funnel users doing product research
Make sure your conversion campaign pixel is implemented and working
Monitor all campaigns to optimize for success
Ensure you have strong, compelling CTAs


Scale up spend on your top performing campaigns
Monitor campaigns closely to swap out visuals and copy as needed
Keep CTAs clear to make it easy for people to take action
Run any last-minute promotions

Want more tips like this?

We just published a free playbook, Holiday Marketing on Quora, about this year’s trends, campaign planning strategies, and creative best practices that will make your holiday campaigns shine on Quora.

Shelagh Dolan
Content Editor, Quora
Shelagh is a Buffalo-based writer, editor, and digital marketer specializing in B2B content strategy.

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