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Are Quora Ads worth it?

Are you considering adding Quora Ads to your marketing mix? This guide will help you compare whether or not this is right channel for you.
Updated September 21, 2021




What makes a marketing campaign “worth it” varies across industries, products, and teams. That is why the Quora Ads team takes a consultative approach. Whenever you speak with one of our Ad Experts, we work on understanding your brand’s funnel, potential limitations, and even your team’s structure (Are you a team of one? Or a wide-scale operation?). That way we can optimize your ads strategy and support accordingly.

In doing so, our team has found key differentiators between Quora Ads campaigns that become “worth” and those that don’t.

A Quora Ads campaign is not worth it if:

1. You have limited testing time and budget.

This applies to all new advertising platforms. To fully understand Quora’s impact on your business, we recommend preparing enough budget for a two to four-week test campaign. If your sales cycle is longer than four weeks, match your campaign’s length to your sales cycle. This provides ample time to collect data, optimize your campaigns, and evaluate performance throughout your funnel.

2. You are copying-and-pasting creatives.

Repurposing successful creatives is a quick way to get started on Quora Ads. However, what works on other channels may not work on Quora, so it is important to optimize your creatives. This is where you can use Quora’s unique characteristics to your advantage. Quora users are accustomed to reading questions and answers. Consider using questions as headlines, or repurposing existing blog content into a Promoted Answer. You can also customize creatives to the content they’ll appear next to if you are using Topic, Question, or Keyword Targeting. 

3. Only one targeting type is tested.

Quora has 10+ targeting options available, which makes it easy to experiment with dozens of targeting combinations. Each targeting type can also be optimized based on the topics, keywords, questions, or audiences selected. As a starting point, businesses can recreate successful campaigns from other channels onto Quora Ads (e.g. using AdWords keywords for a Keyword Targeting campaign).

From there, we recommend testing additional targeting types to refine your Quora marketing strategy. Common pairings include Topic and Interest Targeting (for scale), Question and Question History Targeting (to target users with high-intent), and List Match and Lookalike Audiences (to identify users that are similar to an existing, high-value audience).

A Quora Ads campaign will be worth your investment if:

1. You want to diversify your marketing mix.

Quora has over 300 million unique monthly visitors coming to the platform to learn, be entertained, and conduct research. User intent on Quora combines aspects of search and social, so having a test and learn mindset is key. Businesses that found success on Quora commonly experimented with new targeting strategies, or tried new creative opportunities like Promoted Answers. In turn, these businesses experienced positive results ranging from lower CPLs to higher quality leads.

2. You are targeting users in multiple stages of the funnel.

Quora is positioned in the middle of your customers’ buyer journey. Rather than passively scrolling, Quora users are leaned in and actively reading content. This makes Quora perfect for research and product evaluations. At the same time, businesses can easily shift gears into brand awareness and conversion initiatives by adjusting their targeting or Quora ad creatives.

3. Your business has written content.

If you have existing content from help centers, sales collateral, or blog posts, you can make this content work for you on Quora. Promoted Answers are Quora’s most native ad units, delivering answers in place of Text and Image Ads. After writing an answer, your business can pair it with any of Quora Ads’ targeting options to deliver your content to a targeted audience. Leverage Promoted Answers to educate clients, or add a Lead Gen Form to your answer to collect leads directly from Quora.

Ready to explore your next advertising opportunity on Quora? Create an account today. Depending on your company’s needs, you can also reach out to the Quora Ads team for 1:1 assistance with your campaigns.


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