Merkle Sokrati

Experts in digital media & CX transformation.

Quora Marketing Partner: Merkle Sokrati

Having built and maximized the marketing funnels across verticals, since over a decade, Merkle Sokrati empowers brands to push the envelope by optimizing campaigns on Quora and across other media platforms and publishers. Through strategic planning and precise implementation of brand and direct response ad campaigns, they help brands tell their story effectively with a focus on increasing awareness and acquiring customers at optimized costs.

With abundant research being done, among the multiple targeting levers, audience cohorts and ad types present on Quora Ads, their teams enable brands to reach and nudge relevant customers using highly relevant and engaging ad content to meet marketing KPI’s. Crafting optimum targeting strategies, they activate tailormade campaigns to interact and educate users that discover a brand as well as reach out to customers that have previously engaged with the brand.

About Merkle Sokrati

Merkle Sokrati is a data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing agency. Leading Indian organizations in EComm, Retail & D2C, EdTech, BFSI, OTT, CPG have partnered with Merkle to build and maximize the value of their customer portfolios. Using 1P data, they create, target, and measure highly customized customer experiences that drive immediate results in the form of acquisition while also boosting customer loyalty and value.


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