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From apartment leases to home ownership, Quora users have been reading more housing-related content in the last three years. This comes during a time when Millennials are increasingly attracted to the idea of home ownership.
With more members of the largest generation settling down, the allure of owning one (or more homes) has more potential buyers coming to Quora for insight and tips.

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Updated February 2022




Open doors for first-time buyers

The number of Quora users who own property has risen overtime, with 65% of Quora users owning at least one property.

But whether it is their first or second investment, the costs of ownership are top of mind for many. A majority of Quora’s most viewed housing questions in 2021 were related to home financing, with specific questions ranging from home loans to renovations.

Most Viewed Housing Questions in 2021

While a majority of Quorans have one property, the population who have yet to purchase cannot be ignored either. 35% of users do not own property, giving brands the opportunity to reach an engaged community of potential buyers. 

The Millennial Market

It’s no secret that Millennials are a driving force in the housing market. According to the National Association of Realtors, Millennials were 37% of the home-buyer market in 2021, beating Generation X and Boomer buyers.
Why is this notable? Of Quora’s 300M+ unique monthly visitors, a majority in the US are between the ages of 25-34, with the 35-44 age bracket following behind. This covers both the young and mature Millennial groups.

With more tech-savvy buyers in the market, the internet has become an invaluable tool. Not just for house hunting, but for the responsibilities that come afterwards. Surveys conducted by Global Web Index found that Quora users are:


more likely to purchase home insurance online


more likely to research online before purchasing home insurance

Insurance is not the only cost researched by users. In the past year, topics like Home Loan, Mortgages, and Real Estate Financing received between 170-650+% more incremental views. 

For businesses targeting existing and new home-buyers, Quora is an ideal platform for you to reach your next customer. Brands like Hometap found success using Quora as an educational platform for prospective customers.

For us, we often have to provide people with some more information and education before they feel comfortable converting on our site and entering our funnel. That’s why I think it’s a good match with Quora. It’s a natural fit that we can do a little bit of education on the platform and then get people onto our site, where they can learn more.

Rachel Keohan

Rachel Keohan

Head of Marketing