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From musicians to actors, Quora is home to thousands of creatives and entertainment fans. While interest in the arts spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world continue to visit Quora to learn about and discuss their favorite movies, musicians, and games.

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Updated November 2021




Taking entertainment offline

In the wake of pandemic lockdowns, music and video streaming services have solidified their positions in Quora’s APAC community.


of Quora users use the internet to listen to music


of Quora users use the internet to watch tv or movies

Online discussions have also grown substantially, with multiple shows and artists experiencing 100-1000+% more views on their Quora topics compared to the previous year.

Game day is virtual

The growing popularity of esports teams, coupled with the development of streaming platforms, has made the global gaming community flock to the internet. Quora users are no exception. According to a Global Web Index survey, 37% of Quora’s APAC* users use the internet to play games. They are also:


more likely to be interested in esports


more likely to purchase video games online

Mobile gaming is especially prominent, with 82% of Quora’s APAC users using a smartphone to play games. 75% of Quora users access the platform via mobile devices. With the holidays coming up, there is no better time to reach Quora’s engaged gaming community with an App Install campaign. 
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