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Quora is for shopaholics

In a survey conducted by Global Web Index, Quora’s APAC* users are 147% more likely to be shopaholics. These are shopping enthusiasts who use social media to find products, follow brands, discuss products online, and have purchased a product online in past week.

Over time, this led to an increase of shoppers reading Quora answers.

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Updated October 2021




To buy, or not to buy

Quora’s APAC users are:


more likely to discover brands from paid media ads


more likely to buy brands they see advertised

But they’re not your typical impulse buyers. Over 300M+ unique monthly visitors come to Quora to compare products, offer their reviews, and ask questions before their next purchase. In fact, 54% of Quora’s APAC users use the internet to conduct brand and product research.
Quora combines the intent of search engines with the community of social media, making it easier for consumers to learn about their favorite brands or research new ones. Some brands’ Quora topics experienced a 100+% growth in views compared to the previous year.

Most Viewed Commerce Questions in 2021

Ready, set, shop!

With the end of the year approaching, Quora users in APAC are ready to start shopping. 


shop online


buy clothing or accessories during the holidays


buy electronic gadgets during the holidays